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International Exhibition of Solutions and Technologies for Efficient and Sustainable Agriculture


In view of the current environment and despite the healthy state of stand space sales recorded to date for the new SIMA, many of SIMA’s exhibitors and partners have requested that the show maintain its historical dates for the next event. This decision comes in response to the expectations voiced and in support of all the actors of the farming world who are today having to deal with an upheaval in their production and distribution cycles. In February 2021, SIMA will provide a major opportunity for the sector to regroup and gather together all of its members so as to rekindle the economic activity of the industry.

Unchanged positioning and ambitions 

SIMA nevertheless continues to display the same ambitions. Its watchword is still that of ‘expertise’, with enhanced content and an even sharper focus on innovation from across the farming world in its widest international dimension.
This new edition will have ‘Tech’ at its very core, with a hub christened ‘SIMA TECH’ comprising:

  • A shared zone including a central area devoted to talks, workshops and networking, a start-up village and an agricultural robot village by FIRA,
  • An exhibition zone curating the exhibition’s comprehensive New Technology offering: firms dealing in decision support software, measurement and data collection devices, telematics, farm drones, electronic weather stations and everything to do with onboard electronics. A programme of talks, workshops and meetings will address four major subjects faced by farmers today: Reducing plant protection products: the health of plants and people; The carbon footprint of crop and livestock farming; More comfortable working conditions, task simplification and workplace safety; Assessment and control of economic and environmental performance.

Moreover, training and employment will be more than ever under the spotlight to help and support fresh talent. A new area, ‘SIMA TALENT’, will be set up in the middle of the show to supply information on the training and education opportunities offered by the sector. Several special features will be laid on aimed at young people with the common theme of ‘Meet our talent’: visitor trails, a job dating forum, etc. Finally, ten video interviews with students or graduates who have since become professionals or training consultants, published before the show, will also aim to strike a chord with young people in search of education opportunities.


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